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Access to Care - Amidst a Pandemic


Access to Care - Amidst a Pandemic

COVID-19 has placed a huge stress on care coordination, access, and delivery globally. Sensely’s solutions offer support to patients around the world, with enhanced access to key resources, information, and care. Because peace of mind matters.

400,000+ covid consults
6+ countries
10,000+ patients monitored remotely
9 languages

Covid-19 Symptom Assessment Tool

Sensely COVID-19 Assessment Tool

Available in 30+ languages including English and Spanish

Risk Triage & Telemedicine Integration

Sensely Risk Triage COVID-19 Tool

Video-enabled appointments based on risk stratification, seamlessly integrated with existing services

Covid-19 High Risk Patient Monitoring

COVID Monitoring

Daily check-ins with high risk patients, resulting in 36% patient offload (not requiring contact outside Sensely), 3X efficiency boost (optimization of nurse monitoring) and 1000% ROI


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