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Personalization takes on a new meaning

Personalization takes on a new meaning

Use AI to engage users on their terms – taking their preferences into account, on the channel of their choice, in over 30 languages, via text or voice to meet their needs.

Health Management

World class healthcare content - at your finger tips

Symptom checker and triage

Trusted clinical decision models help patients navigate to the right care
Symptom checker screenshot

Self-care and wellness library

Support members with an assortment of vetted health and wellness articles, tips and best practices
Self care icons

Health Risk Assessment

Establish baselines and understand health needs using a clinically rigorous assessment
Health Risk Assessment

Chronic condition monitoring

Leverage disease specific clinical routines to help clinicians manage patient populations
Chronic condition monitoring

Mental Health

Offer personalized content and support to improve member wellbeing

Customer Insights

Understand your customers' needs so you can meet them

Enrollment wizard with preference tracking

Enrollment wizard guides customers thru each step, for ease of set up
Enrollment wizard

Real-time insights dashboards

Use insights to track impact, optimize the customer experience and get smarter about your users
Insights Dashboard

Custom Content

Tool suite and expert support to develop new conversations

Conversation builder toolkit

Customize content and conversations to better suit customer needs
Conversation builder

Custom NLP / intent expansion

Build on Sensely's expansive AI to support custom use cases for each stakeholder

Linguistic design support team

Work with our team of clinical and technical experts to expand on existing functionalities
Linguistic design

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